Pretty Girls Rock!

Hellz ya we do!

Rupaul kind of says it best when talking about pretty girls working it:

The gaggle of pretty ladies who gathered for the one & only dj Bootylicious session were rocking out & shaking that thang like it owed them some $$.  Bootylicious put together an R&B throwdown mix that had each of us grooving the night away.  It is one of the things I love most about DDPP, each dj brings their own flavor & style to class…they put their own stank on it if you will.  One of the best things about class is the anticipation…what will the dj play?  will it be a song I know?  You wait with bated breath to see what is next (well, at least I do)…that is what makes DDPP so great.  Dj Bootylicious gets it cause check out what she put together (on very short notice to boot):

Ya know, every time I hear the Singles Ladies song…I cannot help but think of this:


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