O’ dj where art thou?

You know every now & then at DDPP we have a dj not show up to class.  It is a rare occasion, but it still happens.  It is a bit sad, but it is the reason we den mothers show up with our mp3 players ready to go (we be back up yo!).  Last night was one of those times where we missed out on what I am sure was going to be a rip-roaring playlist that would make us drop to our knees with dance satisfaction. 

The good news is that dj Snake (den momma Catherine) was at the ready and we were treated to a playlist she masterfully put together called “The Best of Sundays”.  It was all the hits from this past years Sunday mixes.  It was GLORIOUS!  We ladies got the dance satisfaction we so needed to make it through the rest of the week.

Here is a little sampling:

Full playlist here:


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