Ain’t No Other DJ

Ladies, there ain’t-ain’t no other DJ (break it down now!)  that could ever make me so fascinated by a video comprised entirely of Soul Train Highlights. Exhibit A:

I mean, those moves! Those clothes!  The level of skinny that all those people are! (Except for my personal favorite dancer at 0:13) WHY HAVE I NEVER WATCHED SOUL TRAIN HIGHLIGHTS BEFORE?!

Ahem. Thank you, DJ Misfit Toyz, for enlightening us with not just that song/video, but a whole playlist full of tiny little rays of sunshine. That first song was just the tip of the funk iceberg. Funkberg? Funkberg. I would love to crash into a funkberg right about now.

Exhibit B:


See? I told you. DJ Misfit Toyz made a sunny Sunday afternoon even sunnier with her happy-go-lucky playlist. You know, unless you listen too closely to the lyrics of that Rihanna song…

And if you STILL don’t believe me when I tell you how hair-raising the playlist was, well…I present to you Exhibit C, my own giant sweaty forehead and my crazy piece of hair, that was literally raised thanks to DJ Misfit Toyz!

Now THAT’S solid blog planning! Elementary school teacher in the hizz-ouse!

DJ Misfit Toyz, thank you for the new hairdo, the workout, and the funkberg that you crashed right into our studio! I leave you with Exhibit D, the best thing I found when I Googled “funkberg”:

Daaaaaaaamn right.

Misfit Toyz, what I can I say? You’re a pimp. You know, in a good way.


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