Creative control.

You may be familiar with the term “creative control” (or “artistic control,” as that great contrarian Wikipedia insists on calling it). Sometimes when an artist has achieved a certain level of fame, he or she is able to insist on having final approval of whatever artistic endeavor will bear his or her imprimatur. Madonna and Radiohead have it, for example. So does Prince–or as Maya Rudolph impersonating Beyonce would say, Pronce. (Yeah, it’s probably worth rewatching all six minutes of this on YouTube)
To this illustrious list of artists we must now add one more: DJ Cumberbun! Because not only is she capable of getting an entire room down into the grooooove with her playlist; she also does the google image research for her own blog posts! I mean, was I really going to work that hard when, days before her mix, she reminded me of this gem?

Last Wednesday night our DJ (aka den mother Kelly P) showed us the kind of good time that is normally only reserved for one of those girls on the Mtv show about proms that I always assumed existed and yup, it did. She picked us up in that stretch limo, took us to a restaurant with fine white linens, and got us on the dance floor before we knew what was happening. Our hands were up, we were dancing in heaven, and then at some point a hoedown happened? It was all a flurry of arms and legs but I distinctly remember do-si-do-ing my way around the room. Even after all that, and true to her word, our escort had us home by curfew. Classy and in control, that’s our DJ.

Now, I was gonna leave it at that, but then I stumbled across this little gem. I hope DJ Cumberbun won’t mind me taking a bit of that creative control back because YOU GUYS HAVE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO!

Sure, “Got My Mind Set on You” is already one of the catchiest songs imaginable, but did you know that the young guy in this version of the video isn’t just some Dr. Pepper commercial reject? It’s Alexis Denisoff, aka Wesley Wyndam-Pryce!! I’m dyin’ over here.

And yes, videophiles, there are two videos for this song, and the other one is so much weirder! Recommended if you like: animatronics, haunted house-style special effects, George Harrison’s body double flipping and dancing around stage during the instrumental break.

So thanks again, DJ, for making me laugh during AND after your playlist. You rule!


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