Tripadelic Times

Wednesday night was a feast of beats!  As mind-numbing and all encompassing as the trippy black and white art we all had on our college dorm room walls.  We stared into space, we stumbled around, we let our brains flip inside out…..we experienced MC ESCHER.

This mix was like no other.  It was quirky, it was obscene, it was weird, it was relentless, it was…AWESOME!  Busting from one song to the next with no song breaks we didn’t have a moment to catch our breath.  Back-to-back brain melting, body throbbing music people!  Paris Hilton even made a cameo and sent us a drunk text after class:

All I know is my mind was racing and my limbs were sore after I experienced this full throttle of a mix.  Its like I took psychedelic mushrooms and became a black and white dancer joining hands with beasts and melding into the canvas of the DDPP dance floor.  Connected to the real world only by the other dancers jumping and spinning next to me.  I’d like to say I’ll never forget it, but I already have.  This alternate reality only lasted an hour but the realm of enlightenment I have lived in ever since will last for infinity…or will it?

P.S. Kim Kardashian is very moist…all the time.


MC Escher has provided a Sound Cloud link so you can JAM OUT at your leisure!



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