Quality control.

It’s happened to all of us: we bring that new piece of IKEA furniture home to assemble and realize, partway through, that the box most certainly did NOT contain the piece called for in Step 7, subparagraph (b), article 3.1.2.

At times like this, after we’re done making exaggerated hand gestures and, perhaps, grabbing a white sweater to coordinate with our matching tank top and head band, we think to ourselves, “Where was the IKEA quality control inspector when I really needed her?”

Well, those of us gathered at the studio last Wednesday night had no such cause for concern, because I like to think that the QC in our DJ’s name was intended to represent the incredibly high standards her playlist upheld. DJ E=QC2  paced that set flawlessly. She bounced from genre to genre, making sure to play a couple of recent club hits in case we wanted to throw our hands in the air from delight (note: we did). She even threw in a Junior Senior song to make DJ Ssssnake jump up and down with glee.

And all this from a first-time DJ? As far as I’m concerned,  if DDPP ever opens a factory (a C+C MUSIC FACTORY, perhaps?), we already know who to hire to keep all our jumps to the rhythm, and make sure that we dance till we can’t dance till we can’t dance no more. DJ E=QC2!


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