The Five Stages of Grieving for DJ Lady KStud

Last Sunday, DJ Lady KStud went out with a bang…or rather, a magical turn of the key. After DJ AWOL and I stood outside for 20 minutes trying to unlock the door of the studio to no avail (and with 2 different copies of the key!), DJ Lady KStud waltzed right up, worked her magic, and opened the door to her final playlist. The playlist which unfortunately can’t be posted because it’s on its way across the ocean on a cruise ship right now, and then off to LA. Those of us who were there will have to live with the memories and those of you who weren’t…well, maybe you can catch her when she’s back in these parts for a week or two in January! Trust me, it was quite the hour to behold. I can tell you one song for sure that was played, and it definitely left us all feeling like million dollar bills:

And now I present to you, in honor of the woman who introduced me to DDPP and was my roommate and one of my very best friends for 4 years in this windy city, the 5 stages of grieving for DJ Lady KStud, as portrayed by the woman herself:

1. Denial


2. Anger


3. Bargaining


4. Depression


5. Acceptance


Yes, we all need to accept that DJ Lady KStud’s dance moves will live on forever in our hearts, no matter where she may be. Especially her tiny running. Never forget the tiny running.


2 thoughts on “The Five Stages of Grieving for DJ Lady KStud

  1. aaaaahhhh! i just saw this! sorry i couldn’t post my own farewell due to crazy packing and running out of time, so thaaaaaaank so much, sex frosting and all the amazing women of ddpp! you’re the best and i miss you already.

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