DJ Rendezvous has definitely got the BEAT!

Dear readers, this video kind of says it all.  Dj Rendezvous not only has the beat, she shared it with the rest of the class.  Oh & what a class it was (if you were not there…YOU MISSED OUT!).  Ladies were jumping, booty shaking, signing, and having a sweaty good time.  It was like we were a BINDER full of dancing women (HEYO MITT!)

Mitt has lots of binders of Dancing Women

The whole hour was one of bliss.  It is always a joy to look around the room & see people having a blast & expressing themselves through dance.  The smiles upon the faces of attendees is PRICELESS.  You can just look at another person in class & know that each of you “gets it”…gets what DDPP is all about.  Dj Rendezvous knows how to bring us to that place, that place of dancing nirvana…she gave it to us the way we wanted it! 

He expresses how I feel at DDPP!

There were faces there we have not seen in a long time & it was like a reunion (the most super fun reunion…ever!).  Thanks for coming out ladies & we hope to see ya again real soon (you know who you are).  Need proof that dj Rendezvous is a master at crafting a playlist…check it below:




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