No Scrubs for DJ Bootylicious!


I am always blown away by a DJ who knows how to keep the room moving from start to finish. There were moments on Sunday when I wanted to fall over from exhaustion, but the music me took over and I had to KEEP ON DANCING! DJ Bootylicious served up a booty shaking, floor stomping, sing-a-along kind of dance party. It’s three days later and I am still singing No Scrubs to myself as I imagine Unity hollering at me from across the room! DJ Bootylicious had us genre hopping in the best way possible, matching MGMT with Sergio Mendes. One moment I was totally vibing on that ELECTRIC FEEL and the next I was shaking it Samba style!




My favorite part of DDPP is that moment when all the ladies in the room are all sharing the positive energy from a song. When we heard the opening of Prince’s Lets Go Crazy I think everybody released a collective sigh of happiness! I had to take my glasses off as the energy of my head whipping would have sent them flying across the dance floor. DJ Bootylicious kept the room singing their hearts out to both Beyonce and Soft Cell. One moment we’re all CRAZY IN LOVE and the next we’re all totally feeling TAINTED.




DJ Bootylicious, I think all the ladies would agree that  your playlist was a total blast! I may have to recreate this playlist myself so I can jam to it in my living room. I couldn’t help but sing along even during the cool down, as James Brown reminded me that he wouldn’t be nothing with a woman’s arms.


DJ Bootylicious







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