Thank You For Being a Friend (For Rebekah, from DJ Cake or Death)

Daylight Savings Time might have ended on 11/4, but we at DDPP were more than happy to fall back into DJ Cake or Death’s delicious mix. Cake or Death wowed us with her mad skillz once again, making us lose our breath like nobody’s business, but oh, we all felt SO ALIVE. She may have killed it, but we all died happy and full of musical sugar. To wit:

Okay, story time: waaaay back when den mama DJ AWOL was a wee pre-teen, she heard “So Alive” by Love and Rockets on the radio in her mom’s car, and she thought to herself, Self, that there is a sexy song. It was the first time she had thought such a thing. She did not tell her mom. The End.

Now, get yourself a hanky: the tearjerker part is coming… DJ Cake or Death dedicated her mix to her friend Rebekah, and wrote this about it:

“I know my only explanation of the playlist when asked was “I was in a weird mood and it shows.” That’s because I knew the playlist had a common thread and came together really easily, but I could not figure out what it was for the life of me. While dancing to “Not Gonna Get Us” it finally hit me. And when it hit me, I felt like such an idiot. OF COURSE! This is the playlist I would make if my friend Rebekah were going to DDPP with me. Not that the songs are all songs I know she loves or anything (though some I suspect she at least likes), but that they all directly or indirectly remind me of her or of when we actually lived in the same state and could see each other often or of the mood her stories put me in. I finally got my copy of her first small press short story collection “Hymnal for Dirty Girls” in the mail recently and her birthday is coming up soon, and so I think my “weird mood” was just me missing her. Rebekah once told me that even so if real life were Myspace I’d be in her top 8. That’s totally true for me too, of course. Though it only happens every once in a few years anymore she’s one of my favorite people to go dancing with in the world. Thanks for being the inspiration for a really fun playlist, Rebekah.” – DJ Cake or Death

Cake or Death, we’re gonna love ya Till The World Ends.


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