Ode to the Haus’ of Whax


On Wednesday night, the ladies of DDPP were very lucky to be taken on a journey through the DJ past of Haus’ of Whax. Her mix was a celebration of her transition into the role of Den Mother Emeritus, so she brought out some of her favorite songs from previous playlists. Although Jill is stepping down from her role of den mother, she will still be kicking it around DDPP to dance with us (and we are so freaking happy about that!).  This mix was PRIMAL and PUNK ROCK and seriously brought out the animal in a lot of the ladies on the floor. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so much stomping, head rolling, thrashing, and people just crawling around (or rolling around!) on the floor as I did on Wednesday. DJ Haus’ of Whax is truly the supreme ruler of punk!


One of my favorite parts of being a den mother is seeing how different songs inspire different women to just leave it all out on the dance floor. It really inspires me to get loose and just let the music take over. Jukebox Jezebel had Haus’ of Whax doing some amazing duet dancing with MC Escher. Hungry Like The Wolf had DJ E = QC2 and I hunting each other from across the dance floor. The 21 ladies in the room were all in to this mix and it gave the room an incredibly powerful energy. I think we may all actually be wolf women. Just saying.


When Haus’ of Whax shouted out “Last Fast Song!” and we all heard the starting notes to WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE, I think everybody in the room starting jumping up and down at the same time. What a great end to a truly epic playlist! Thank you to DJ Haus’ of Whax for an excellent evening. And thank you for all you’ve done for us as a den mother. I’m so happy to say that we don’t have to say goodbye, because we’ll still get to see you pounding it out on the dance floor!!!

Here’s the mix, in all its glory:


One thought on “Ode to the Haus’ of Whax

  1. Thank you DDPP!!!! LOVE this post!

    And I want to give credit to DJ Ssssnake for playing “Ballroom Blitz” before I did. I love that song so much I injured my eye singing along to it when she played it.

    With love and stomping,
    Jill, aka DJ Haus O’Whax

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