Sigh…Our Hero…

DJ Chelles Belles has saved us from a DJ-mergency not once, but TWICE in the past couple months! Someone has cancelled at the last minute, and she’s been there with a kick-ass playlist ready to go! Is it time to get this girl a cape yet, or what?

Not only did Chelles Belles swoop in to the rescue last Sunday, but she stole the songs right out of this den mother’s head! Sometimes, I swear, my music library must look exactly the same as some of yours. It’s like a DDPP mind meld! Check out what she had us shakin’, runnin’, and brushin’ the dirt off our shoulders to so much that we fogged up the mirrors in what started out as an extremely chilly studio:

Also, watch this video and then have THE MOST FUN EVER pretending that you’re one of his dancers.

Bet you can’t wait for that song to be played at DDPP again now, can you? And we can’t wait for Chelles Belles’ next DJ date! Thanks for being a DDPP superhero, lady.


One thought on “Sigh…Our Hero…

  1. Yeeeeeeeah…I can guaran-gosh-darn-tee people will be hearing this song again very soon. Let’s get our matching Audrey Hepburn outfits ready, shall we?

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