DJ Angry Bird Ain’t No Turkey

The Sunday after Thanksgiving is for sittin’ on your booty, right? WRONG. Sixteen booty-shakin’ ladies had the pleasure of dancing off all that turkey with DJ Angry Bird, who was flying right-o-mite. Here’s what went down:

That night brought several new dancers to the floor (woot!), as well as a bevy of DDPP veterans (woot woot!). Thing is, when we hit that groove together, you can’t tell who’s who, and it’s AWESOME. Whether we were rocking it Gangnam Style or keeping our love locked down, we all set that floor on fire together.

As Prince so wisely said, DOCTOR!!!

Oh, and which song was the last-minute addition to her ready-two-weeks-early / dang, she’s organized playlist? We’ll never know. DJ Angry Bird flew away before this den mama thought to ask. Well, fly on, bird woman, but come home to roost soon! Your mix was beautiful in every single way, and something we were all thankful for. Nuff said.


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