Are you my daddy?

Oh Maury!

Oh Maury!

Yeah, it is kind of like that…a Maury Povich show where paternity is in question.

When asked if she wanted to say anything about her mix dj Lone Star said 2 words (2 WORDS!!) to sum up a mix that had the place a hopping.  Those 2 words were: DADDY ISSUES.  That’s it…daddy issues and away we went on a whirlwind of songs about guess who…DADDY.  Kind of appropriate for a mix played directly after Thanksgiving…its like she looked into our souls while composing this list. 

I will say that while we danced away, I began to wonder about Lone Star…wonder if these were all her daddy issues cause if so GURL…you needs to be in therapy.  However, after class I gingerly approached our dj and this is what she had to say: “Songs about daddy issues, songs by people with daddy issues, songs about people with daddy issues, songs about my daddy issues, and songs about our collective daddy issues…Either way, it felt good to dance some of that out”So…phew a big sign of relief was let out.

For some reason this theme kept bringing up the movie Despicable Me to my mind (weird…right?!?!?) and while we danced away this scene kept popping into my head:

Check the playlist here:

Lone Star


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