Cake or Death for Christmas

The only acceptable combination of Halloween and Christmas.

The only acceptable combination of Halloween and Christmas.

I try to not let myself get caught in the pre-Thanksgiving Christmas goo that starts to descend on Chicago earlier every year (this year I saw Christmas decorations come out BEFORE Halloween. Truly, that is too early). I just really love Xmas, especially how it’s done in this city, and it feels a bit more special to me when it is contained to the four weeks before Christmas. But ladies, starting the day after Thanksgiving, you better WATCH OUT for my holiday spirit! Our tree is up and sparkly before noon on Black Friday. So you can imagine my delight and surprise to discover that DJ Cake or Death had created a  playlist which she lovingly called, “Xmas is the Bestmas.” I was so ready to jam out to some Christmas tunes and Cake or Death did not disappoint! I was inspired by the way she so expertly mixed a good amount of non-holiday songs in that felt somehow exactly on theme. She had us BELIEVING IN A THING CALLED LOVE, riding STARSHIPS and DANCING THE COLD HEART. I found myself  geeking out quite a bit on the floor when I heard my favorite song from Home Alone 2, ALL  ALONE ON CHRISTMAS (no judgement!). If that song doesn’t get you in the Christmas spirit, than probably only this video will…

DJ Cake or Death, thank you for filling my heart with holiday spirit AND helping me shake off some of the 2 pies I may or may not have eaten over Thanksgiving. It’s the FINAL COUNTDOWN to New Years and I’m so happy I got to start that countdown on the floor with you! You also introduced me to my new favorite twisting song AND  it’s kosher! And guys, when you google KOSHER TWIST you stumble upon a youtube video of one of my favorite Chicago dance classes that comes with instructions (Psychedelic Go-Go at Old Town)… and if you look really closely you might spy a certain DJ rocking out some glorious 60’s dance moves! Cake or Death, you are seriously FIERCE!!

cake or death


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