Obsession for Women, by DJ E=QC2

This past Sunday, DJ E=QC² got real with us. Real obsessed. She made a playlist of songs, artists, etc. that she’s obsessed with, and her eau de sweat left us smelling like happiness and endorphins. WAY better than that Calvin Klein shit.


You might say that our illustrious DJ even had us feeling…well, like this:


True story: one den mother wasn’t planning on being there that day, but when she spied the playlist screen shot in our email, she ran out of the house and straight to the studio to catch the last half of it! And this here den mother just got so obsessed with finding obsession-related pictures for this blog post that I found out an interesting new fact: none other than featured playlist artist Beyonce was in a movie called…you guessed it, Obsessed!


Aaaaaand I have officially gone down the internet rabbit hole. Check the cardio damage that DJ E=QC² inflicted on us while I climb out:


And speaking of being obsessed (because I haven’t been at all…), who in their right mind isn’t straight up CRAY CRAY levels of obsessed with this song/video? No one, that’s who. Because DJ E=QC² knows what’s UP.

I gotta say, DJ E=QC2. after that playlist, the ladies of DDPP just may be obsessed with you!


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