DJ Chelles Bells Serves Up the Best of 2012

The title even rhymes, which proves it was meant to be! DJ Chelles Bells christened the first Sunday DDPP of 2013 with a playlist full of the best booty-bangin’ hits of 2012. Check it:


Now you may be saying to yourself…”Wait a minute! Are you sure ALL of these songs are from 2012? Well, let’s follow the sage Cookie Monster’s advice and play a game:

IF ONLY Prince had released some new music last year…le sigh. DJ Chelles Bells broke her rule and snuck in one song as an ode to the best concert of 2012. And as someone who was lucky enough to also be there, may I just say DUH. Of course it was. Come on. The heels on his fabulous high-heeled boots LIT UP. I mean…I could go on. But instead, let me take this opportunity to gratuitously share a couple pictures from what was hands-down indeed the best concert of 2012:

photo (5)

photo (4)

I’ll stop there. But…PRINCE you guys. I mean, the only thing that might get your heart racing faster is DDPP itself! Our veteran DJ shared with us that she wore a heart rate monitor to DDPP for the first time, and couldn’t believe that she burned…wait for it…about 712 calories!!! In her words, “Who knew that dropping it like it is hot could get my heart rate up so much!” It was news to this den mama as well! Further proof that DDPP is pretty much magical. The best and most joyous workout $5 will ever buy you!

As we look back on 2012 with DJ Chelles Bells’ positively cardio-busting playlist and forward to this lovely new year, I think we can all agree on one resolution:

photo (6)

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