When they do the work for you.

First there was Roomba, taking the work out of vacuuming (and entertaining your housepets).

[I’m sorry, but YOU try to pick just one of those. It can’t be done!]

Now we have DJ Incredible Zulk, taking the work out of our playlist writeup by doing one of her very own! For her WBEZ blog, no less. Go ahead, head over there to read it…we’ll wait:

We don’t always wait impatiently, but when we do, we do it in a business suit with a VERY SERIOUS look on our face.

Truly, what else is there to say? Much like Mark Ruffalo (mmm…Mark Ruffalo), DJ Incredible Zulk has done some fine work rehabilitating the Hulk’s image. Because you simply can’t get angry (get it?) with a woman who puts Sledgehammer on a playlist.

So well done, DJ Incredible Zulk, way to start 2013 off with a bang!

DJ Incredible Zulk playlist


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