No boys. No booze. No judgment…well 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

That’s our motto & rules up there…ya know, No boys. No booze. No judgment.  We live & swear by it…well, except on the 1 or 2 occasions where we break our own rules (hey, they were made to be broken…RIGHT?!?!?!).  No worries…we will never ever break the NO JUDGEMENT rule…nah, that one is here to stay forever.  The booze one…well, have you met us?  Kidding of course.  No, the rule we break at times is the NO BOYS one…you see there are times when we want to share the awesomeness that is DDPP with menfolk (you know our 3 limbed friends).  No boys allowedWe, at times want to share the floor & dance our asses off with them and usually for a good cause (we are givers that way).  Now a co-ed DDPP may sound scary to some but truthfully you barely notice since everyone is there to just dance & have a good time…they are there to:  Dance your balls

Well, last month (yes…very sorry for the long overdue blog post about it) we had the privilege of hosting our now annual holiday fundraiser for the kids of Angel Tree (a branch of Prison Fellowship).  That’s right…i’m talking about DANCE THE HALLS WITH JINGLE BALLS, our epic event where people of all ages, shapes, and genders come together to help Angel Tree provide Christmas presents to the children of inmates who otherwise would not get any gifts.Jingle your balls

On a chilly December night (12/9/12) we gathered at a local church basement {needed a bigger space} in Andersonville for 90 minutes of glorious philanthropic dance (all for the kids…yo!).  In case you missed that, it was 90 minutes…we returned for one night to our original 90 minute format.  Heck, if we are dancing for kids…we are dancing hard…we want to give the people their money’s worth.  On a side note, thank goodness we do not still dance for 90 mins, most especially when the playlist is as fantastic as this one was (my legs still hurt).  That night we had around 50 people come out to give a little & get a little in return…we raised over $25o & gave approx 40 unwrapped gifts (I did a little leap of joy at people’s generosity). 

Here are some photos of the Angel Tree event where gifts that were donated at DTHJB were given out:Angel tree 4 Angel Tree presentsAngel tree 3

Angel tree 5Angel Tree 2

See you guys ROCK!  Look at those smiling faces!

Here is the mega awesome, killer, make you dance till you bleed, the I can’t feel my feet anymore, the mix to end all mixes…playlist: DTHJB2

See, this is enough dance to make it almost impossible to walk the rest of the week.

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