Our World is Empty without Rudy Toot!

This den mamma is known to love a good comeback story. They pretty much always make me want to stand up and cheer. So when I heard that DJ Rudy Toot was BACK, you know I was feeling awfully pumped for DDPP, and ladies, she did not disappoint! Toot had all 26 women in the room making the earth shake with her amazing genre hopping mix. She let us know that it would start out a little slow & then she’d slam us with some fly beats and Toots was NOT kidding! It was a really awesome blend of songs I adore and some new stuff that had me stomping all around the floor. When she pulled out BIG BIRD, you know I was secretly imagining I was strutting the cat walk with these babies on my feet.




I have to say that it was also mighty fine to have so many newcomers in the room who were discovering DDPP for the first time. Their enthusiastic vibes were totally infecting this den mamma. And even though my mother in law was in the room, I just had to get low when I heard GUCCI GUCCI…



Rudy Toots, your mix was powerful, mighty fine… in fact I’d say it was Supreme! You are one hell of a comeback story, girl! Thank you for introducing me to CIRCLES and for giving me the chance to sing my heart out to WHAT A FOOL BELIEVES. OUR WORLD IS EMPTY WITHOUT YOU, babe! I CAN’T WAIT until you DJ again, cuz I WANT MORE!


rudy toot

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