Batting lamb?

Whenever I play that game “Two Truths and a Lie,” one of the truths that I bust out is that I was mostly deaf in one ear for a year as a child. My hearing eventually came back, but it’s always been a bit spotty, and so occasionally leads to some confusing exchanges like the one I had last week with DJ Lobo Malo.

Our newbie DJ, when asked to say a few words about her mix, said that it was inspired by “batting lamb.” First I was all


because, you know, what had those lambs done to deserve this?

I mean, I know (thanks to Google translate) that Lobo Malo means “Bad Wolf,” but is she really going to be so serious as to pick on a bunch of sweet fluffy sheep?

And then I was like, nah, maybe she means this

but then I was like, “That’s a random short YouTube video that doesn’t really go anywhere.”

And then, after making her repeat herself seventeen times, I understood that what our DJ was *actually* on about were the distinct concepts of “bad” and “glam.” See, THIS I understand. It’s kinda like this:

And though her playlist was technically RuPaul-free, I’m pretty confident we all felt like supermodels by the end of all of that shaking it and raising our glasses and showing how deeply we believed in a thing called love!

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 12.57.47 PM

We sure as heck didn’t care about our bad reputations. Which is why, when this jerkface lamb tried to mess me with me later that night I was having NONE of it.

So thanks, Lobo Malo, for reminding us how fun the big baaaaaaad wolf can be!


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