DJ Sex Frosting Demands That You DROP DAT AZZ

On a Sunday so cold that the Scotch tape for the DDPP door signs just did not want to do its duty, DJ Sex Frosting, AKA our favorite grown & sexy redhead, AKA den mama Amy, brought da SMOKING HOT HOT HEAT to the dance floor!

A veritable parade of new dancerz joined the regular Sunday boogie brigade and shook it like their mamas taught them. And sang. And clapped. And sang some more. I am pretty sure all umpteen of us did more singing than dancing when Erasure’s “Respect” came a’thumping out of the speaker that only DJ Sex Frosting in her glorious tallness can jack up that high on the stand.

DJ Sex Frosting, sweet lady that she is, dedicated her mix to her friends, who inspired her song selection. (Can I get an “Awwww!”?) Lemme tell you, SF, your friends are my friends after that kickass throw-down you brought wit you! Let us reminisce:


Speaking of friends, our ol’ buddy ol’ pal DJ Lady KStud is in this here video for the awesome Ruby Weapon song that we all dropped our azzes to:

Ruby Weapon “Drop Dat Azz” from Ruby Weapon on Vimeo.

And because she is such a giver, Sex Frosting not only demanded that we drop dat azz, she also demanded that all viewers of this blog be graced with this:

Oh, and this too:

So, what more can I say? Amy, you proved once again that the frosting’s the best part.


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