Please DJ ENRG, I want some MORE

Hey DJ…this is what we want more of:

The sound of one ass clapping


Well, ok not only that but we do want more of you!  After months & months of being away (hello she has not DJed since June 2011…WTH?!?!?!) Dj ENRG returned with a vengeance.  When asked if she had anything to say about her mix…it went a little something like this: ASS CLAPPING!   Well, she said more but that is all that registered.  Away we went & I braced myself for an hour of trying to clap my ass cheeks together (for the record…I CANNOT DO IT cause I haz no ASS).  That hour left me with sore butt cheeks for trying to clap what I don’t have & a smile on my face.  There were lots of smiling faces that night.  This night was definitely owned by our ladies with a little junk in their trunks (I AM SO JEALOUS!).  { many times can the word ASS be mentioned in a post}  Oh, it is incredibly impressive how many of our ladies can bend over & clap those cheeks together….we are so proud!

Don’t believe me about that ass clapping:

oh and:

Ladies, it was not for the faint of heart…DJ ENRG knows her stuff and can make you weak in the knees with the power of her playlist.  Makes me turn to my inner Dowager Countess Grantham:

Dowager countess

NAH, bring it on DJ and BRING IT AGAIN & AGAIN!  Check the playlist:

DDPP DJ ENRG 1.23.13

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