I’m not crying, it’s just sweat coming from my eyes

Sometimes you look around a room of women dancing to a playlist made just for you by two of your best friends in the whole wide world and it’s your last day in a city you love and it’s all so overwhelming that a little sweat starts to come out of your eyes.

Sometimes you sweat out of your eyes because you’re so happy and sad at the same time. Because you love your friends so much and you love dancing in this little studio down the street from the apartment you lived in for five years. Because you don’t live in that apartment anymore. Because you don’t even live in this wonderful city anymore. Because no matter where you live, you know that you have friends who love you enough to have t-shirts made for their joint DJ appearance.


DJ Sex Frosting + DJ SSSSnake = DJ SSSSex SSSSnake

Because these fantastic ladies put together a playlist full of songs you love and songs you forgot you love and songs you didn’t even know you love. Because you’ve been telling a funny story from your childhood about skipping around a dancefloor when you were 6 to a song. And your friends put that song on the playlist. Because when you skipped around the room full of gals who, for the most part, don’t know you at all, they all HIGH-FIVED you spontaneously.

Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 10.33.45 PM

Start with a 6 minute warm-up? Classic Kstud move! Include a song with the C-word? Classic Kstud move! End with Complicated? Damnit, women! You’re trying to kill me!

Because THIS was the poster they made for the event.


Photo Credit: Mr. Sex Frosting

Because the cooldown song was an amazing affirmation.

Because everyone came.


Den Mothers: Past and Present

Because it’s so good. This whole thing that we get to do. It’s so damn good. And you’re so damn lucky to have met all of the incredible women who came into your life through DDPP and you just can’t take it. And you’re usually so sweaty anyway. So who would notice a little sweat coming out of your eyes?


See? Who could even tell that my shirt is soaked in tears?

Sometimes you’re traveling to live in a new city across the country and you write a blog entry to thank your friends and even though you’re sitting still, a little sweat comes from your eyes.

Thank you DDPP. You changed my life. I’m gonna miss the hell outta you.

3 thoughts on “I’m not crying, it’s just sweat coming from my eyes

  1. When I am old and gray(er than I already am), I will remember how it feels to share a love of music and dancing and friendship with you ladies and I will be so. damn. happy.

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