Chicago Winter = Cruel Summer

Our gift on this hump day was the antithesis of a blizzardy cold sleety snowy ice storm.  We got DJ ANTONYM and her steamy, humid white hot blistering summer playlist!!  The tunes were warm, the beats were breezy and beautiful and put us in a dreamy June state of mind.  It was carefree and we were drunk like a couple of chicks at an outdoor beer garden.

The seasons were battling each other as we kicked February out the door and pretended it was August for an hour.  Summer had that bastard snowman in a headlock as we shimmied around hot and loving it.

winter summer

We had visions salty rimmed margaritas, striped beach towels, Nelly getting so hot he wanna-take-his-clothes-off and summer romances with Justin Timberlake (yes please!).  The tipping point came with our steaming HOT three-way make out session under the dock until 10 o’clock with Danny and Sandy – portrayed on Wednesday night with gusto by Den Mothers Danielle and Unity.  (Professional Photoshop skills need not apply here)


We were burnin’ up with satisfaction and warm energy from the first note of DJ Antonym’s mix.  She left us grinning like we just had a surprise mini vacation.  Thank you DJ for reminding us of why we live in this tundra some call Chicago…for transporting us to tropical locales…for the antithesis of winter.  Thank. You.

DDPP playlist 02.06.13


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