DJ Rendezvous + 21 Dancerz = Ooh La La!

In the season of carnival and luuurve, a little je ne sais quoi goes a long way, and sacre bleu, did DJ Rendezvous bring it!

Nevermind every freaking sidewalk in Chicago is like a frozen Slip & Slide. Or that when this den mama arrived to unlock the studio door, she found it tagged with graffiti. No, all outside cares faded away when wave after wave of dancing divas, new and regulars, came strutting through that door, ready to BUST IT LOOSE. And when Rendezvous shared that the songs on her mix were an homage to her friends…well, all 21 of us (plus 3 den mamas) were super-psyched to be invited to the par-tay. Rio got nothin’ on this dance carnival…well, except maybe a few more spangles…


Rendezvous came rocketing out of the gate with Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” and followed it up with “Dancing With Myself,” two songs near and dear to my bootyshaker. But for realz, she had me for keeps with “Do You Love Me.” Truth: whenever I hear that song, for those few minutes, I am so totally bleached blonde and long-legged and badass like Penny in Dirty Dancing. Weird? Maybe a little? Not on your life, sistah! No judgment zone, right here!

And now, for your reminiscing pleasure, the full playlist:

DJ Rendezvous 2-10-13

Ah, DJ Rendezvous…you know, I’d carry a watermelon for you anywhere.


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