A Family Affair

You know what’s Minnesota Nice? Den mother DJ Hot Dish making a playlist in honor of her mama, who she lost 10 years ago.



Wow…can you say “spitting image?!”

You know what’s even Minnesota Nicer? Her 2 aunts traveling to dance with her (and us).

And the whole rest of the room proved that there is such a thing as Chicago Nice- the love and energy pouring out of all you ladies just about knocked me over a few times! Now I’m no scientist, but I’m preeeeeetty sure all that amazing positive energy was also radiating from DJ Hot Dish’s amazing positive playlist! That shit was reminiscent of den mother emeritus Kelley Clink’s uplifting, life affirming playlists of old. It’s enough to make a girl more than a little verklempt. In the best way possible.

Linda Richman is a little Verklempt

And SPEAKING OF THAT PLAYLIST, I know there’s no doubt Hot Dish would have made her mama proud with it AND the gypsy skirt she was swingin’ around in like it was her job. 


When the first fast song is such a showstopper that it feels like the last fast song and the mirrors in the previously-freezing-cold studio are fogged up not 20 minutes in, you know you’re in for something special. And special it was, from the packed house full of new dancers right down to the conga line so big we almost couldn’t snake it around the room and the Cosby Show re-enactment during the cool down. It was truly one for the history books.

mama mix

Hot Dish, thank you for the gift of that playlist! We were honored to share that no-holds-barred, joy-filled hour with you.

2 thoughts on “A Family Affair

  1. Your aunt Nancy (who does not do facebook) and I were so happy we came and danced with you for your mom, our sister, Julie. The whole 2 days was just a whirlwind trip. We plan to do it again before you move away. So the Minnesota aunties will be back to dance, to shop, to be with you……….and Dan! Love you always, Patty

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