Stop! ….Dubble Tyme!

After a full day of worky biz, CTA adventures and the rush rush of commuting to and fro I was SO ready to dance!  Luckily an amazing mix crafted A WEEK IN ADVANCE by DJ Dubble Tyme was waiting for me and 10 other females.

DJ Dubble Tyme Mix

A booty shakin’, stress relievin’, trouble forgettin’ mix with a mix of old school, new school and “robot music“!  We moved around the studio clapping our hands and enjoying the freedom we know and love from Dance Dance Party Party.  The beat was bumpin’ Dubble Tyme and we felt it from head to toe!  One of my favorite songs was a remix of a blast from the past girly hand clapping game called “Down Down Baby.”  This song put some bump and grind into this childhood memory and all I wanted to do was GET THE RHYTHM OF THE HAAWT DOG!

There was so much love and joy in the room we probably had enough built up bliss to entertain these hot gold toothed twins:

gold toothed twins

Sorry, the Dubble Tyme theme had me thinking of twins and these dudes were just too grody/picturesque not to post.  Ammiiirite?!

Thank you DJ Dubble Tyme for a great mix!!


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