Purrrrrrfection Achieved: DJ Kittensmack’s Fab Debut

On Saint Patrick’s Day, 14 kittehladies and three den lionesses got—dare I say it?—PUSSYWHIPPED into a frenzy by Kittensmack’s fierce and fiesty first foray into Deejayland.

Can you say “me-ow-ow-OW”??

Her first fast song had us yowling from the bottom to the top of our vocal ranges. Then, lo and behold, along came a tune so positively groove-busting that one lady in attendance Facebooked us right afterwards, dying to know the artist and title! That little gem was…

Here’s the rest of the amazing playlist—a SMACKDOWN, fo shizzle:

DDPP DJ Kittensmack

By the end, Kittensmack had tamed all in attendance, and we lapped it up!

I leave you with the best dancing kitten video ever. You’re welcome, and thank you, Kittensmack. Come roaring back soon.


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