AWOL’s (Unintentional Salute) To Your Pelvis

And now, a complete shame admission from the blogger: I had never been to a DJ AWOL dance party until Sunday. Somehow our paths didn’t cross before we were den mothers. As much as I enjoy the surprise at DDPP when DJ’s pull out their mix, I really wanted to know den mama AWOL’s flavor. I’ve gotten to know this incredibly thoughtful, funny, warm person (who also happens to be a KILLER dancer), but I realized I have almost no inclination of her taste in music. That seemed like DDPP sacrilege to me! So, picture me sitting at my computer Saturday night, almost giving in to temptation and searching for her in the song database to see what sort of music she favors. But then I remembered that 50% of the fun at DDPP is being surprised and delighted by the music, and so I decided to go with the flow and just enjoy the ride…

And it pretty much goes without saying that Den Mama DJ AWOL took us all for a delightfully delectable ride on Sunday. Her playlist was positively fierce. It was jam packed full of surprises, including songs I’ve never heard of (but immediately downloaded when I got home) and songs that I LOVE and want to dance to one million times (hello Macklemore, can we be best friends please). It was everything I’ve come to expect from AWOL as I’ve gotten to know her. I can’t wait until she DJ’s again and she also may have to become my guru of new music. Not only was DJ AWOL’s mix amazing all on its own, but it was doubly-so, because hidden within the mix was an homage to each of her fellow den mothers. And now, drum roll please…. a reveal of the homages…

MOVE SHAKE DROP was for Clink, as she dropped it so hard that her hip broke! CAN’T HOLD US was all about me (Danielle) seeing as I turn into a dance freak whenever Macklemore comes through the speakers. GIRLS was all for Amy and she knew it with her fierce & funky bumping under the speaker. I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY was for Unity (girl, get back from England please because we all wanna dance with you)! Kelly made us all feel those GOOD VIBRATIONS. And we all let out a little HOWL for Catherine.

Finally, because AWOL is naturally so giving, we not only celebrated her mix on Sunday, but we also celebrated a holiday for one of the dancers in the room. She called it National Pelvis Day, as Sunday was the 6th anniversary of when she broke her pelvis. Thankfully, she can now fully thrust again and she asked that we all work our pelvises a little harder in honor of her celebration. I think it’s safe to say that everyone in the room took that order REALLY SERIOUSLY.

Den Mama AWOL, you are totally beloved. Thank you for making Sunday really special for den mothers, for pelvises, and for lady dancers!
We can’t wait until your next mix!
AWOL 3_24

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