Consent Is Sexy and Sexy Is AWESOME

Wednesday’s mix was DJ Misfit Toyz’s TENTH…an honored milestone at DDPP.  Her vision was “an all-girly, all-raunchy explosion of fun, female sexiness,” and I think she achieved that and MO!  This mix was a POWERHOUSE of risqué jams that had us pumping our fists, gettin’ WET and showing off our…pink parts?  We’ve had a couple of KITTY themed mixes as of late so I won’t elaborate too much but the drrrrty highlight of the mix was a kitschy anthem to that which all of us at DDPP have…she’s a tiger, she’s the hippest thing around and the talk of the town.

playlist 3-27-13

When I think of Misfit Toyz I am transported to the holiday claymation world of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and that cute blonde elf (who I have met in person at a Christmas pub crawl).  Rejects saving Christmas?  Yeah boiiiiiiii!

toyz group shot



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