Mies on Macklemore.

I can understand how it might have been confusing for some folks. There were no first-timers, they knew how this was supposed to go. And yet a dozen dancers walked into the Perceptual Motion Dance Studio last week and realized that they had somehow been transported to an underground bar in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood.

That’s right: DJ Antonym’s mix made the twelve regulars who showed up on a kind of crummy, drizzly Wednesday night ALL feel like Norm Peterson (absent the nagging wife). It was comfortable, it was friendly and we all wished we could have had our own barstool to rest on by the end of it. Because with no elaborate instructions to give, and with room to really streeeetch out and move freely, we were able to get down to the business of body movement like it was our dang JOB. For a bit more on what that (might have) looked like, let’s consult everyone’s favorite businesswoman, Liz Lemon :

But seriously, let’s talk about this mix (minus the excellent tracks that aren’t available on Spotify *huge sigh*):

DJ Antonym has a knack for digging deep with her warmup songs, and last week’s was no different. If you hadn’t known it was from the “Snatch” soundtrack, this groove would have STILL made you want to go out and try your hand as a sexy cat burglar.

And from that moment, all bets were off with this playlist: it had current hits, it had oldies, it had new wave, it had Brazillian big band/swing AND Brazillian indie rock. You cannot pin DJ Antonym’s musical tastes down…and nor should you want to!

DDPP playlist 04.10.13

Oh, and a final note: our DJ admitted that she had almost issued a warning before her mix started that there was–gasp!–no Macklemore on it. While, true, that thrift-shopping, ceiling-busting, PNW-livin’, red suit-wearin’ weirdo has been a staple of recent playlists (check the database if you need proof), let me say that we did not feel his absence one bit. Not with a playlist as great as this and dancers as footloose and fancy free as those we had last week. Mies van der Rohe was right:

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 2.55.56 PM

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