ALWAYS Trust a Big Butt and a Smile

Ok, don’t get me wrong. DJ Bell  Biv deHo doesn’t have a big butt. It’s totally the perfect size. It’s like…you know, not fat, but PHAT. Like that. Wait…let me put it this way. What I’m trying to say here is…ALWAYS TRUST DJ BELL BIV DEHO’S PLAYLISTS.

Seriously, this rookie DJ injected us with some dance poison! When her namesake song came on, everyone in the room was all like:

What else did you miss if you were outside enjoying the sunshine (whatever. like it was cold for too long or something.) instead of inside enjoying the dancing and darkness? I’m glad you asked! I now present to you part 2 of the illustrious series Things DDPP Has Done To My Hair:

photo (7)

Even a headband couldn’t hold that shit down! What else did you miss…let’s see, how about me trying to do all the choreography I could possibly remember from Love On Top during the freakin’ warmup? Screw warming up, my body said! I need to spin around like I’m wearing a leotard and a spangled sailor cap! You also only missed a room full of ladies belting out pretty much every song in the entire last half of the playlist. You just missed DJ AWOL spontaneously double-high-fiving THE ENTIRE STUDIO. And you may have missed pretty much every dancing lady in attendance going more apeshit over Macklemore than Tyra Banks goes over Vaseline.

Which brings me to an executive decision. I know, I just know, that at some point in the not-so-distant past few years that one of these here den mothers named Robyn the DDPP Artist of the Year (even though I couldn’t find the blog post to prove it). And ladies, I know we’re not even halfway through 2013, but I’m gonna go ahead and do it…Macklemore is so totally DDPP Chicago’s 2013 Artist of the Year.


Whether you think Mackleless is Macklemore or not, that dude’s infectious music is an ever-present crowd-pleaser on our dance floor. Plus I mean, come on…he made everyone actually not want to fast forward through the musical guest on SNL for the first time in years. And you know he don’t judge NOBODY. Especially on the dance floor.

So that’s it. That’s all you missed. Just this fucking fantastic playlist from the fucking fantastic DJ Bell Biv deHo.

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 12.58.04 PM

Oh you want to listen to it on Spotify? Ok. We can do that for you, because we live in the future!

Now you can re-live all the magic of DJ Bell Biv deHo in the comfort of your own everywhere. Thanks, DJ, for this musical gift that keeps on giving!


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