Dance Out Your Mommy Issues

Best time to explore your Mommy issues?  DDPP!!  Dance out those labor pains, thug advice, gut wrenching guilt trips and any other miscellaneous hangups right here with us.  Our Mama-Mix-A-Lot on Wednesday was regular dance hound DJ LONESTAR who happens to be pregnant with a baby girl a.k.a. Our Youngest DDPPer!  As a pregnant mama with a girl in the womb myself, I was right there with her on thoughts / fears of of child birth and raising a GIRL.  This mix was sweaty and cathartic, funny and empowering.  Just what we all needed.

Screen shot 2013-05-03 at 7.34.01 AM

Maybe she’ll be just like ME? Maybe she’ll be my antithesis.  Feels like she’s having her own DDPP in my UTE…or maybe she is intentionally crushing my soul?  I can’t wait to love and nurture her in ways that I wish I was loved and nurtured…but she’ll eventually be 13 and I’ll want to strangle her.  Mrs. Hannigan will take good care of her at the orphanage, right?

Will she LOOK like me?  Will she be my doppelgänger?  Will she look like someone I know?  Will she be a spittin’ image of Den Mother Catherine / DJ Ssssnake?  Please say YES!

We all felt connected in our womanhood, motherhood and all things GIRL this Wednesday.  With women like us for moms, our daughters are BOUND to be smart, courageous, and incredible…and hopefully doing The Worm right out of the birth canal!  Cheers to you baby mama Lonestar and all of the strong DDPP women out there!



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