Cake or Death, Bringing Order to Chaos

DJ Cake or Death is kind of a superhero.

She’s a librarian, so she brings order to chaos every day, Dewey decimal-style.

AND…with those loooong legs and boots made for walkin’ all over you, she has become quite an accomplished go-go dancer. The woman is on her way to being the fourth World Famous Pontani Sister…


BUT WAIT. There’s more. She now has joined the ranks of the dedicated DJ divas who have rocked us TEN TIMES!! For her tenth DJ date, Cake or Death prepared for us a Greatest Hits playlist that had a chronology all its own, but lawdamercy, it was GLORIOUS. I mean, we walked 500 miles, and we felt good doing it…and we sang like a SOUL MAN despite being ladies. Seriously, this playlist brought back the unofficial DDPP choir loud and proud, with harmony.


Better yet, listen in:


Now, a little while back, this here blogger made her first playlist as a den mama, and in it, I dedicated a song to each of the other den mamas. But I got Unity’s wrong. See, I knew—I KNEW—that there was a tune that made her fiercest moves bust out, but I couldn’t remember it. So I chose a Whitney Houston song for Unity, because Unity’s got some Houstonesque pipes in that throat of hers. BUT…THIS. THIS HERE. THIS is the song I’d choose for Unity if I could do it all again. Because, GIRL. I mean, DANG. She sure brought it today!


Meanwhile, because we were only seven (plus two den mamas), there was lots of space to get down. For me, that usually means a fall on my groovethang. I just get so excited to try out things I can’t do when there’s less space that… well…I end up horizontal. But this time, Cake or Death had my back, and I stayed vertical the whole time. It was a DDPP miracle!

I have faith that someday, our dear Miz Librarian Go-Go Dancer Cake or Death will have her own action figure, but with better hair and wardrobe than this (Sorry, Nancy Pearl, no disrespect…). Until then, may she continue to grace us with her groovy playlists and her sweet go-go moves.



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