Under The Influence

DJ U.N.I.T.Y. had us under the influence on Sunday…the influence of some serious dance therapy!!! You know when you have a bad day…or week…(or month, or even a yearrrrrrrrrr…ahem. Sorry. Just can’t do that without busting into the “Friends” theme song.)?

Well, you could always have a good cry. All you need to do is watch this Justin Timberlake video and let these old people overflow your tear ducts:

OR you could just plain dance it out. And that’s exactly what our lovely DJ helped all of us do.


DJ U.N.I.T.Y.’s playlist started out being inspired by all the different influences in her life: marriage, growing up in the inner city, faith, friends, culture, Chicago, and…DDPP. Duh. In fact, DDPP has been such a positive influence in her life that she eventually abandoned her theme and was all like “Fuck it, let’s just shake our asses!!” And you KNOW Unity’s not messing around when she swears! She turned that studio into a regular Dancers Gone Wild. Ladies be takin’ their shirts off, ladies be almost hitting other ladies in the face by accident (sorry, Catherine…), ladies be screaming and running around, and ladies be conga lining like it’s going out of style. Hell, that mix even made my hair stand on end! You want proof? I’ll give you proof! I present to you  part 3 in the series Things DDPP Has Done To My Hair, the craziest one yet:


You might need to strap on a seat belt just to lay eyes on this wild ride:

DDPP Influence mix (1)

Listen here to have your face melted off (minus “Move Your Feet” by Junior Senior, because apparently Spotify hates killer jams):

It’s almost like she’s a pro at this. OH WAIT, she is. DJ U.N.I.T.Y., thank you from the bottom of my stressed-out heart for turning my bad week around. Those dog days are so over.

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