A Mix for Lisa Simpson

I have always been a sucker for the brass section. My very first boyfriend (last name of Vasseur, who I think I dated for one week and then unceremoniously dumped… sorry about that buddy) was a tuba player. I was only in marching band for a year, but I reserved the right to hang out with the Champlin Park Marching Rebels all through high school. I know the DDPP motto is no judgement, but I think it’s safe to say I’ve gotten MUCH cuter since 9th grade…

Proof that it gets better.

Proof that it gets better.

I even married an ex-trumpet player (hi honey!!!). The point of all this is to say that I think I’m in a key demographic for DJ Flaming Cheese’s amazing latest mix, which was appropriately titled HORNY & SAXY. Really though, I think every lady bumpin’ it on Sunday was in the demographic for what Cheese was serving up. It was music for strutting your stuff and letting it all hang out. It felt like a series of theme music for when you are having a truly awesome day and you just feel like busting into a room to announce how awesome you are.

Everything about this playlist was basically made from my happy place. She started it off just right with Tony Orlando asking us to KNOCK THREE TIMES and left us wanting more while Etta James told us that YOU CAN LEAVE YOUR HAT ON. She had me flying across the room to Earth Wind and Fire and giggling my ass off during Informer. She also pulled out VEHICLE, which made den mamma Catherine totally lose her mind (although who can blame her, have you seen this video?).

This was truly a playlist for the saxophone loving Lisa Simpson in all of us.

DJ Flaming Cheese, thank you for for an epic time! I hope there is another HORNY & SAXY playlist in our near futures! And now, because I’m on a GIF roll (and because this blog has been filled with cats lately, and I am SO not the cat lady), here is a dog playing the trombone.

Here’s the playlist, so y’all can get down.

horny and saxy

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