So You Think You Can Dance To DJ Ssssnake

Fact: I was almost late to DJ Ssssnake’s mix because I was watching this week’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance (which will henceforth be referred to as SYTYCD).

Another fact: Once I got to the studio, I walked out of the bathroom to hear half the room talking about how great SYTYCD is, and it warmed my heart.

One last fact: I definitely find myself dancing differently after watching a whole bunch of really talented people audition for a dance reality show. There are a lot more attempts at popping and locking, a lot of artsy/dramatic contemporary arm movements, and a general trying to imitate moves I just saw and think I could look pretty badass doing. You might say SYTYCD makes me think I can dance…better than I usually can.

And whooooooo boy, did I ever shamelessly bust out alllll those moves to DJ Ssssnake’s summer jams mix! Girl knows how to make a playlist. I mean…”perfection” is a word that comes to mind. Almost as perfect as this video:

(Essential companion to said video here.)

Pharrell featured on two of the songs? I AIN’T MAD AT IT.

The last fast song making me tear up with overwhelming feelings of happiness, then jump so hard with my eyes closed that I thought I was going to fall into the wall? Yes, please.

The entire playlist giving me a sneaking suspicion that the spirit of former den mother Kristen Studard was dancing in the room with us all the way from L.A.? Love it.

You guys, I just had so much fucking FUN dancing to DJ Ssssnake’s playlist.


P.S. Shane Sparks, please choreograph a sick hip-hop routine to “Higher Ground” this season.

P.P.S. DJ Ssssnake, you really took us to the:

26918_417820731062_7940661_nThank you.


Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 7.48.15 AM

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