What’s in a DJ name change?

One of the many things I love about DDPP is all the awesome DJ names our dancers come up with….seriously, you should peruse this blog & check out the names for yourself.  Every lady who has decided to try her hand at DJing for DDPP has had the task of coming up with a DJ name that not only conveys a little of who they are but also who they want to be on the dance floor.  It can be quite a task…to some it comes easy peasy, to others it takes many a time & attempt to craft the perfect name.  Even those who already have a DJ name that they have used for a bit have the opportunity to change it for one occasion or permanently.

Take veteran DJ & den mamma extraordinaire DJ Cumberbun, who came to class with a whole new DJ name to honor a joyous event happening in her life.  In case you haven’t been to class lately, check the photo below:  Weeks 13 - 34

After much consideration…for this one time only DJ BABY MAKER (or who knows, maybe again) took to the dance floor with her little cumber-bun in the oven (baby garl Peraino).  Take a little look-see at the rejected names & you will see the thought that goes into a DJ name:

DJ Sperm Fertilizer

DJ Amni Sac

DJ Lumpy Bump

DJ Tummy Spawn

DJ Kankles (this is my personal fave)

DJ Fertile Myrtle

DJ Gestation Period

DJ Baby Maker wanted to document this journey through song & dedicate it to the little tiny dancer growing inside.  As a side note, I imagine that during the hour of amazing booty shaking that baby garl was doing this inside her cozy nest:

Or perhaps, she was grooving like this:

baby boomboxOr this:

baby discoOr this: tap dancing baby

I know I was a dancing fool for this specially crafted booty shaking list.  Lots of old skool tunes to tell the tale of some sexy time to procreate…take a little look see at the mix:

DJ Baby Maker Playlist 5-29-13

If you wanna hear it…check it out on Spotify: Baby Maker playlist

We love you DJ Baby Maker & cannot wait to meet baby garl!


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