Cowabunga, Bride!

Even after 6 years (happy anniversary to us!), DDPP Chicago can still experience some firsts. This past Sunday, we had the pleasure of entertaining our first-ever bachelorette party! Any bride that would choose to fill her bachelorette party with this:

Dance (78 of 114)

rather than this:


is our kind of bride! Who needs a gross male stripper anyway, when you can dance like your very own meta-stripper to the sweet sounds of “Pour Some Sugar On Me?” NO ONE, that’s who.

Our bride brought her whole lady posse along, including bridesmaid and DJ Sid Licious. But did she stop at DJ-ing? Oh no she didn’t! Just when you thought this wedding party couldn’t get any cooler, check out what DJ Sid Licious cooked up like a hot pizza:

photo (8)

They’re dancers in a half shell! Bridal power! (Anyone? Anyone? I know I’m not the only one with an older brother.)

(P.S. Raphael is totally the best.)

Feast your hungry eyes on the playlist that not only started off with the fastest warm up ever, but didn’t even bother with a cool down song:


Cool down song? DJ Sid Licious don’t need no stinkin’ cool down song! This mix was so hot that 2 dudes off the street tried to bust in and join us! Clearly they didn’t get the memo that we were beyond the need for penis straws…ahem.

Congratulations, Kat! If Sunday was any indication, you, DJ Sid Licious, and the rest of your bangin’ bridal party will be tearing up the reception dance floor!


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