DJ Peterman Catalog…can you please start us off?

Yeah, that’s the stuff!  Well, minus the full body dry heaves set to music.  We love the little kicks & the thumbs and will always embrace that shiz at DDPP (no loss of respect here…we are all about the NO JUDGMENT!).  Gotta love a lady that can take the dance floor & let it all out.  One who dances like the world is watching & she just DOES NOT CARE!  That is what happened the night that DJ Peterman Catalog came to drop her beats on us.  put the needle on the record

There are times when it seems like the world comes to a complete stop & you are just dancing out there on your own…they all seem to be watching you and your righteous moves.  Can be a little unnerving but not this time.  Our DJ of the night took the helm like a pro…giving us tune after tune that made the entire room move like there was no tomorrow.  It was like she looked into my soul & said come baby come, baby, baby, come–come!  (not in that way…dirty mind!).  All the ladies in the house lost themselves as the beats would not stop…hurts so dayam good!

So much so, that I tend to think I look like this after class:

Dance move

But really it’s more like this:

exhausted after workout

Check out the playlist for yourself:Peterman catalog

Listen & dance to it yourself here:


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