Shake & Bake

When asked to describe her playlist’s theme, DJ Honey Badger told us we’d catch on after the first couple of songs. The only thing more delightful than a SHAKING IT playlist is that fact that one of my dear friends earnestly asked me after the party, “Do you think the theme was new love?” I love when a playlist is soooo perfectly matched that people start even hearing secondary themes in the music! DJ Honey Badger inspired all of us ladies to SHAKE it and by the end, we were positively BAKED from the heat! And now, I have created enough of a reason to show this wonderful 70’s commercial…

I was positively amazed at the sheer number of tunes (from so many different genres) that ask for some good ole shaking. And the specificity! Ricky Martin wants us to do it with our bon-bons. Missy Elliot wants us to do it with our pom poms. The Jacksons want us to do it all the way to the ground! It inspired some of the most energetic and dedicated shaking I’ve ever seen on the floor. DJ Honey Badger was duly committed to the shake it theme, but that didn’t stop her from putting in this KILLER song!

While the song wasn’t directly commanding us to shake it, the incredible beats had everybody shaking what their mamma gave em. I was also personally very happy that she included the Harlem Shake, as I find it so profoundly silly and weird and amazing. And now my favorite Harlem Shake video (apologies if it’s been posted here before, but I love it too much to pass up on the opportunity).

Here is the playlist in all its glory. Thank you for a wonderful evening, Honey Badger!

DJ Honey Badger


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