If you’ve been to DDPP a time or two, you’re quite familiar with den mother Unity. She takes your money and punches your frequent dancer card with a smile, always quick with a holler of joy or/and especially her trademark: the fast clap. Just a few beats away from this guy, she is:



She’s also our resident superhero, our favorite prop comic and basically the glue that keeps the DDPP franchise together. But even superheroes, it turns out, have vulnerabilities. And this year, as DJ U.N.I.T.Y. admitted to us, her weakness was her birthday. Sure, sure, there’s cake and friends and movies in the park but there’s also, you know, aging? Take it away, Cathy:



Never one to allow a funk to keep her down for long (well, maybe THIS funk), Unity took the opportunity to put together a playlist of songs designed to make us all feel like we were a kid again, unsusceptible to the jerk superpowers of THIS GUY:


Seriously, most unsettling Father Time picture ever?


A mere hour later, I know we all feel like we’d wound Father Time’s clock back a few years. So thanks, DJ U.N.I.T.Y. – we know you’ll always be young at heart, but we’re also pretty sure that 50 or so years from now, you’ll be keepin’ it fresh like these dancers from New Zealand. CUE THE HEARTWARMING:




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