Richard Simmons is my Angel.

I’m going to pull out my Captain Obvious hat… it’s summer time. And summer can be a hard season for people who don’t enjoy being extra sweaty. In the summer, I think I can sometimes literally see the little cartoon Angel/Devil on my shoulders. One is coaxing me to DDPP, reminding me how much I love to boogie. The other is reminding me how hot it is outside and subtly suggesting I need a dip in the pool or a cold beverage ASAP.

Normally I let RuPaul dictate my decision making process (W.W.R.P.D.), but I knew the DJ was KK, okay? Plus, let’s be honest about how awesome it feels to work up a sheen of sweat on the dance floor. It feels pretty freaking awesome! And y’all, DJ KK did not disappoint with her absolutely rockstar playlist! She asked WHERE THEM GIRLS AT and then had us FEEL THIS MOMENT and it was the BEST THING I NEVER HAD. The room was full of energy and DJ KK kept everybody rocking hard! She pulled out one of my all time favorite Madonna songs (4 Minutes to Save the World is NOT enough time!) and also managed to sneak in some Avril, some Beyonce, a little Ne-Yo, a little Pit Bull! Hell, this chick even managed to snag us some sweet sweet Fiona Apple! I have to say it, I think I LOVE summer dance parties! Shut up tiny RuPaul Devil on my shoulder… and Fall, you best be ready to step up your game!

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention KK’s use of both One Direction AND Justin Bieber tunes. Dudettes, I LOVE some boy band action. It always brings a smile to my face and a little extra groove to my heart. And in an attempt to match up other Angel/Devil combos, I have come up with this…

Skipping DDPP? Just look what you did. You made One Direction Cry.

Justin Bieber wants you to put on your hot pink cheetah pants and your pointy hat so that you can slink away from DDPP without anybody seeing.

Here is the HOT playlist in its glory! Thank you DJ KK. We hope to see you on the floor again soon!



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