Countdown to dance nirvana (DANCEVANA)…DJ Deliberate style.

Show us the way Deliberate DJ.. Snuggie version…this kid is genius.

If the floor is a rocking, please do come a knocking!

 DDPP is a 10
Ladies be smiling to the 9
No more dancing at  8
DJ be bringing it at lucky 7
Deliberately sweating like a 6
We be making dance in 5
Still the ones she does this 4
Deliberately trying to make us cry (from joy) in 3
From that 60 minutes to  2

She still the 1!

There might be ups & downs in the world, but not if Deliberate DJ was in charge.  It would only be happiness, sunshine, and UNICORNS ’cause NO ONE could be sad after that mix…NO ONE!  The floor was a rocking (trust me when I say, it can be a little scary when the whole floor shakes) cause Deliberate DJ had some things to teach us & her tunes melted away the rest of the world & all that was left was dance.

So many gems in the mix, don’t even know how to describe this hour of dancevana (what?  it could be a word!).  All the ladies lost their minds to almost all the tunes…how could you go wrong with songs like: S.O.S., Party in USA, Jump, Your Love Is My Drug (oh Ke$ha…DDPP hearts you!), PYT, I Wish…and let’s not forget that the ENTIRE room went INSANE to Call your Girlfriend by our girl crush Robyn.  This will make you smile forever: 

Speaking of this song…imagine it this way if you will:

On the flip side of 60 minutes, my heart was a-racing, my feet were a-aching, my body was a-sweating, and my face was a-smiling…thank you for deliberately bringing us to DANCEVANA, DJ!

Check the playlist here:

Deliberate dj


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