Don’t Mess With A Redhead, Or You’ll Get FROSTED

Don’t mess with a redhead. These are words to live by. How do I know? Well…

I live with a seven-pound redhead named Lola who is, despite her diminutive stature, a freaking bouncing-off-the-walls force of nature. Behold:


Lil’ spitfire rounded up all those stuffed animals and lined ’em up like she was daring me to put them away. SIZZLE!

Enter our favorite human redhead, den mama Amy, also known as DJ Sex Frosting. When asked about her mix before her July 17 set, she said something to the tune of…

WELL. [Glares around the room] When I signed up for this date months ago, I had a WHOLE LIST of new awesome jams that all you ladies [glares around the room again] have put in YOUR playlists in the meantime! So, I made this mix last night! [Insert sassy “Take THAT, beeyotches!” look here]

Well, let me tell you, we wuz skeert. We had done gone and poked the bear, er, the redhead, and now she was flamin’ mad. But the woman whipped up a sweet batch of Sex Frosting and set our bootyshakers on HOTTTT for 60 glorious minutes. It was a scorcher of a day, yet veteran dancers and a flight of lovely newbies braved the torpor and got it going ON with us!

The proof of this playlist’s supreme grooveliciousness is in the frosting:


DJ Sex Frosting may have melted us all with her smokin’ tunes, but girrrrrl, her freshly cut ‘do withstood the heat and held its ground. Why is this remarkable? Well. There is a series of posts on this blog that include pics of What DDPP Did To My Hair by none other than Amy herself. But this time, it was product over matter, and all that red hair held its ground. To wit:


That’s our Amy, rockin’ it ninja-style. Come back and frost us up again, mama. Buttercream, Cool Whip, drizz-izzle…whatever. It’s all good.


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