DJ Vagenius Knows What Women Want

Have you ever pierced a plastic covering on a package of frozen porkchops and out comes a whopper whiff of farts? That just happened to me. And I can safely say that this Wednesday’s DDPP was as absolutely opposite of that experience as can be experienced.

While it does *stink* that this mix was a farewell mix to my friend Lara Wolff, whose absence will be as keenly felt as when you lose your favorite bed pillow, or your prescription sunglasses, that was the only part of last night that was not sublimely awesome.  By the way – this is what Ms. Wolff looks like to me. Isn’t she beautiful? She’s moving to Colorado where I like to imagine she will find a similarly beautiful she-wolff pack to howl and hang with.

wolff headphones

Oh dear, I haven’t even introduced myself yet. Shalom – I am DJ Vagenius. What? You have not heard of me? Well that’s because I debuted this DJ name with this mix. I am formerly DJ Bran and some other moniker I can’t recall, and I am proud to say I am the co-founder of DDPP Chicago, and den mother emeritus.

This was my first mix in lord knows how many years and I’ll have you know kids, I’m a little rusty. But that did not stop me from trying to make a mega-mix that accomplished the following three things 1) Make Lara cry (check) 2) Include a lot of inside jokes  yet while making the mix entirely accessible to all (check) and 3) Make a room full of women sweat so hard they could finally understand what it feels like to be the water stream inside a firehose. Whether or not #3 happened is something I must defer judgment on. But let’s just say I saw some dampness in the house.

Before we go any further, I have to introduce you to one of my favorite things the Internet has produced, specifically Internet denizen Lizzy Acker. Yeah – take a few minutes and see how you feel after clicking around. You will, 100%, money back guaranteed, feel better than 2 minutes ago.

dance dance

► Play Zeega ►

by Lizzy Acker

One of the other wonderful babies the Internet has birthed recently is also this video, whose song I ripped and included on this here mix. Ms. Lara – I hope you enjoy peeping these scantily clad men herein. They are clearly enjoying watching you watch them, which we can’t say for the original, can we now.

Alright so onto what was actually heard in the room by the couple dozen lucky ladies. Behold the playlist. Look for the inside jokes and have yourself a giggle. For instance, track one – isn’t that clever now? The song is about leaving and it’s by the band Chicago. OK that’s probably the most obvious one. But if you have read this far, you are likely the NSA and therefore you know exactly what Lara and I have been saying and writing to each other these last 8 years, right? So you get all the jokes, and you’re laughing. Especially about song #12. Enjoy:

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 10.51.15 AM
You’ll have to excuse me. I have some pork chops to get back to sniffing.


One thought on “DJ Vagenius Knows What Women Want

  1. SO good to have you back on the scene, JB. And best of luck to the lovely Lara as she heads off on this adventure!

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