Hip Cats are Freaking Me Out

I typically leave DDPP downloading at least one song and thinking to myself, “Dang. That DJ was totally a hip cat. Where’d she find that awesome song?” But on Sunday I was absolutely blindsided by a whirlwind of new music. I felt a lot like this cat…



…trying to grab all that shiny glitter for my damn self! Amazing new dance songs? MORE MORE MORE please! DJ Stain served up an amazing hour of the raddest tunes this side of North Center.  She was like the cooler older sister that I always wanted when I was kid. I can picture her now, strutting all carefree around Minneapolis, wearing a neon pink pair of Zubaz with NKOTB playing on her killer boombox. And yes, that was the exact picture I had of my older sister when I was a kid in the early 90’s. NO JUDGEMENT!


You have to use your imagination to give those cats some ZUBAZ, but you get it, right? DJ Stain was effortless in her riotous mix, leading the pack through a total REBIRTH OF SLICK (cuz she’s cool like that). She had me floating through a galaxy of dance. I was seeing stars as we stomped it out on the floor. Thank you DJ Stain, for introducing me to a new cosmos of music. I think you are officially the cooler older sister of my dreams.

And now… for the playlist! See y’all round the block!

dj stain

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