In introducing her birthday playlist to us, DJ Hot Dish warned, “I dunno…it’s pretty wacky!” As if that could scare us. I mean, I briefly thought I heard her say that it was “pretty waacking,” which of course made me (and, one presumes, the other SYTYCD fans in the house) think of none other than Princess Lockeroo, waacking expert:

So I guess for a second I was maybe a little worried that there would be arms a-flyin’ and eyes a-gettin’ poked? But are we afraid of a little silliness at DDPP? No, dear readers, we most certainly are not, particularly when it comes in the form of our beloved Den Mama Danielle’s style of playlist. A little rock, a bit of soul, and a whole lotta joy. Like, for example, when this song came on the stereo and we found ourselves shaking it like a Polaroid picture to an acoustic cover of Outkast. Or when, while dancing to current It Band Haim’s summery jam “Forever,” I remembered how the bassist likes to make this face when she’s jamming out:

I should probably backtrack at this point. Sometimes it is a distinct advantage to be writing up one of the other den mothers’ playlists, because I’m lucky enough to know about these ladies’ lives outside the dance studio. So I have it on good authority that DJ Hot Dish has had a lot on her plate (dish?) this summer: graduating from her masters program, job searching (and finding!), teaching physics to a bunch of precocious elementary school students on what have often stretched to 12 hour days, etc. She has been a CHAMP to power through it all. So I guess I couldn’t help but also notice that wackiness aside, last week’s playlist had a real undercurrent of positive You Can DOOOOO THIS, WOMAN vibes. It was like she was Coach Tayloring herself through the power of dance:

And we loved every second of it! Almost as much as DJ Hot Dish loved eating actual hot dish down the street after class. See?

Hot Dish x 3

Hot Dish x 3

So thanks, Hot Dish, for putting together an amazing playlist and reminding us that, when in doubt….

DJ Hotdish birthday duh

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