No, not THAT road trip! DJ 55 Cent took us on a more magical, nostalgic journey on Sunday. Like the family road trips of old….in the 70’s. To Wisconsin, to be exact. Much more like this:


Yes, DJ 55 Cent had us tappin’ our toes and all the rest of our body parts to a jam-packed playlist of retro bubblegum one-hit wonders the likes of which she listened to on road trips as a child. And it was obviously one hit-wonderful!

DJ 55-Cent 08-11-13

And before I go any further, I cannot ignore the majesty of our DJ’s name. I love a good origin story, and this is one for the hall of fame! DJ 55 Cent (“Fitty” if you’re nasty) showed up to her very first DDPP with only $4.45…that’s right, do the math, kids…55 CENT short of our $5 admission fee. (She relied on the kindness of DDPP strangers for the remaining cash money…we’re nothing if not a friendly bunch.) And if that wasn’t good enough, she casually threw in at the end of that explanation “Also, I’m 10% cooler than 50 Cent.” I mean, come ON. Can’t you just imagine how juiced you’d be if she came out with her own Vitamin Water that had 10% more of your daily dose of grape?!


Yes, 55 Cent had us dancing 10% harder than if we were listening to 50 Cent all hour long! She had us dancing like that baby from Ally McBeal, kung fu fighting, doing the locomotion, and ringing more bells than the Dowager Countess herself: 


Ummmm DJ Sssssnake made this gif herself, you guys!!!

And DJ 55 Cent didn’t stop there!!! Her sweet jams had the whole studio singing along and call-and-response-ing the likes of which I’ve never experienced in all my 6 years of DDPP. Gary Glitter must be smiling in his grave. (Is he dead, you guys? …Nope, I just googled it. He’s still alive. Apologies, Gary.) The only thing that could even approximate the throat magic that happened is this video magic:

Fitty, you took us on quite a trip. You can drive our car anytime you want!



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